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Course Details

Course Number: 94-818

Policy Topics: Information Security Policy

Units: 6

Federal IT systems face a dizzying array of policies, regulations, and government initiatives, issued from multiple sources. Many of these issues are unique to government IT systems, and the wide range of compliance requirements make securing and managing a government IT system more complex than many commercial IT systems. From nation-state attackers to collateral classified information and above, federal IT security managers deal with a wide array of security issues beyond commercial America.

This course will provide second year masters level students with aspirations of serving the United States government, either as a contractor or as a public servant, the knowledge and background information necessary to effectively govern the security of federal IT systems. Students in this program will be exposed to the historical context leading up to modern information security policy, and the current issues and trends influencing today's decision makers. The calling to secure these systems is great and the intellectual resources are slim. We must defend our homeland against threats foreign and domestic, known and unknown, to ensure our national, state, and local policy decision makers and first responders have the IT resources they need to operate in a time of crisis. Their ability to communicate securely and efficiently lies in your hands.

Earl N. Crane
Michael J. Smith