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Course Details

Course Number: 90-883

International Climate Change Policy

Units: 6

The mini-semester course (8 lectures) focuses on International Climate Change Policy. It will be helpful to MS candidates preparing for careers in Environment Departments of Government agencies, environmental NGOs, international organizations; as well as corporate sector options, including the carbon market.

The mini-semester course will cover: (i) the science of climate change, as reflected in the official documentation of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, as well as the alternative viewpoint, reflected mainly in documentation published by the so-called “non-governmental panel on climate change” (2 lectures); (ii) the issue of “historical responsibility” for climate change, and equity concerns (1 lecture); (iii) the structure of the global climate change regime – the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); the Kyoto Protocol (KP); the Bali Road map; the Copenhagen Accord; the ongoing two track negotiation process (2 lectures); (iv) major issues involved in the ongoing negotiations: GHG mitigation by developed and developing countries; financing climate change; technology transfer and capacity building; adaptation to climate change; “shared vision” on climate change; and forestry issues (reduced deforestation and degradation, sustainable forest management, and afforestation) (2 le3ctures); (v) the global carbon market and future prospects; and (vi) some national policy responses (US, Australia, EU, Japan, China, (India) (1 lecture).

NOTE: Pre-requisite for this course is Eco 101 or equivalent. No calculus is necessary. High school level physics and chemistry is helpful.