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Course Details

Course Number: 90-829

Data Analysis in Health Care and Public Policy

Units: 6

Much of health care policy and administration depends on the analysis of large, complex data collections. This course is an introduction to the process of data analysis for these settings. It provides an overview of the entire process—from how to import raw data, to how to present results clearly.

Students will learn to: import raw data files into a statistical software package; produce descriptive statistics to characterize the data; conduct basic multivariate regression analysis; and communicate their results effectively. This final skill involves making clear tables and charts from the data, and describing the results in both written and oral/visual presentations.

In review sessions, we will provide instruction and support for the software program SAS. However students are free to use any other software that can accomplish the analyses used in the course.

Prerequisites: Empirical Methods For Public Policy And Management (90-711) or equivalent coursework in statistics that includes multiple regression, or permission of the instructor.

90-711 Empirical Methods For Public Policy And Management 12 Credits

Seth Richards-Shubik