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Course Details

Course Number: 95-863

Advanced Telecommunications Technologies and Management

Units: 6

Provision of hi-speed data communications and internet connectivity from the home and small business is a very recent development. A decade or so ago the best connection speeds were in the order of tens of kilobits per second (kbps), and used ordinary telephone lines and dial-up modem technologies. The introduction of Digital Subscriber Links (DSL) technologies just before the turn of the century has facilitated megabit/sec (Mbps) connectivity. This has been followed by further development in xDSL technologies, novel topologies using a combination of DSL and Optical Fiber technologies. In the same period, great advances have been made in the field of wireless broadband; culminating in standards such as Super 3G, WiMAX and LTE.

This course is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the key technologies which enable the delivery of broadband communications. The course will build on basic telecom theories to enable students to gain insight into what technologies are used to enable such services and why. We will also discuss the challenges in delivering these services from the business and policy points of view. Discussion of technology will be set in the context of present and future applications. Topics covered will include basic concepts of wireless telecommunication technology, and mobile Internet.


95-705 Telecommunications Management 12 Credits

Riaz Esmailzadeh