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Course Details

Course Number: 90-781

Digital Transformation

Units: 6

Prerequisites: There are no course prerequisites. However, you must be a student in the School of Public Policy and Management to register for this course. All others must seek instructor approval.

This course introduces information technologies as enablers of organizational improvement and innovation. The course integrates both technological and managerial perspectives. From a technological perspective, information technologies define the information and communication infrastructure and the associated applications. From a managerial perspective, information technologies facilitate new coordination mechanisms within and across entities, enable new organizational forms, and change the information environment within which work gets done. Successful efforts at digitization thus have to keep both technological and managerial perspectives in mind. Using lectures, readings, and case studies, this course will study the technical and managerial factors that contribute to the successful selection, adoption and exploitation of a variety of information technologies (social media, enterprise systems, mobile computing, data analytics) in select sectors (health care, arts and non-profit, entertainment, government, and international development). Lectures, readings, and assignments will be used to establish an understanding of the key characteristics and benefits of different information technologies as well as the associated management challenges. Each case analysis will require students to engage in both technical and managerial problem solving. The technical component of the analysis will require students to examine the suitability of a particular information technology for the problem highlighted in the case. The managerial component of the analysis will require students to analyze the business value of the proposed solution, and identify and address the management and organizational issues that are likely to arise.

*This course uses a course packet or case studies. Students will be charged a fee for the course materials. The fee for these materials will be charged to the student's account.

Karyn E. Moore