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Course Details

Course Number: 90-748

Real Estate Development

Units: 6

The Real Estate Development Process class objective is to explain through
example the steps involved in moving from project inception to completion.
While the design process is integral, it is only one part of a dynamic
process which includes multiple stakeholders. Case studies, lectures, and a
hypothetical case study will be used to shed light on the urban design and
real estate development process. Certain factors are critical to successful
urban development, including the ability to listen to stakeholders and
respond and reconfigure in order to derive an improved solution. The course
will allow students to better understand how proposed development programs
function under challenging economic conditions and in light of conflicting

The course will examine the urban design process including market analysis,
site evaluation, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, development of master
plan options, catalytic projects, financial analysis, and fiscal/economic

analysis, implementation. This course is taught at the Heinz College.