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Course Details

Course Number: 90-839

Global Health Diplomacy

Units: 6

This course undertakes a unique approach in catalyzing students’ abilities to perform in a fast-paced, highly fluid policy environment. Integrating the students’ past coursework and work experiences, this course undertakes a simulation of diplomatic policy-making conditions through dynamic role-play and a client-oriented approach. Through active, thoughtful class participation, diligent and creative acquisition of information, and skillful execution of assignments (policy papers, structured analysis and advocacy), the student will acquire fluency in the critical concepts used by practitioners of diplomacy and statecraft.

The course’s central mission is to introduce a goal-oriented framework used by senior international policymakers and apply them to global health issues. As new forms of global health policy architecture are constantly being created and implemented, the student has many opportunities to examine new ideas and event sequences in real time and think critically about risks and opportunities of such policy initiatives. By undertaking the framework approach, the course aims to provoke strategic and creative thinking on global health topics of high importance and visibility, and to enable the student to develop practical policy recommendations across an ever-changing landscape of issues and problems.

In utilizing and mastering the framework approach, the core experience for the student will be to serve as a virtual country/desk officer for the World Health Organization, responsible for reporting, analysis and recommendations regarding health and development conditions in their assigned country. Each officer will obtain information from a variety of sources, including online research, in person consultations and original analysis. The course leader will assume the role of the Director-General and will initiate each class with a series of Q&As among the officers to discern major developments, trends, and events requiring attention and possible action. The value of this experience is developing a mind-set for thinking thoroughly and empathically about a country’s needs, and delving into depth through internet research and other means, and generating a set of actionable recommendations.


Jack Chow