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Course Details

Course Number: 90-792

Applied Demography

Units: 12

This course will cover the application of demographic theory and modeling to education, health, criminal justice, labor markets, housing and urban/regional and national change (including migration). We will generally consider two levels of application—individual career trajectories and the organizational or system level. For example, we will examine educational, work and criminal careers. At the systems level we will cover forecasting student populations, internal labor markets and the criminal justice system and prison populations. In health, we will look at epidemiology, infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS and the long term behavioral impacts of smoking. For population and housing, we will look at homelessness, home ownership, housing booms, why families move and housing vacancy chains. Finally, we will examine migration within countries and international migration—one of the high tension areas globally today and one that is likely to increase in importance.

Shelby Stewman