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Ashish Arora 

Ashish Arora

Professor of Economics and Public Policy
Courtesy Appointment, School of Computer Science, (ISRI).
PhD, Economics, Stanford University

Professional Background

Ashish Arora is Professor of Economics and Public Policy in the Heinz School. He served as a co-director of the Software Industry Center at Carnegie Mellon University till 2006. He is on the editorial board of six academic journals, and has served on a number of committees for bodies such as the National Academy of Sciences and the Association of Computing Machinery.


Arora's research focuses on the economics of technology and technical change. His research interests include the study of technology intensive industries such as software, biotechnology and chemicals, the role of patents and licensing in promoting technology startups, and the economics of information technology. His work has been published in journals such Management Science, Research Policy, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, The Journal of Industrial Economics and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. His recent book is on the growth of the software industries in emerging economies: From Underdogs to Tigers? The Rise and Growth of the Software Industry in Brazil, China, India, Ireland, and Israel, (edited with Alfonso Gambardella), Oxford University Press, February, 2005.

Research Overview

Research Slides 

Selected Publications

Patents and the knowledge economy

“Profiting from licensing: The role of patent protection and commercialization capabilities”, (with Marco Ceccagnoli), Management Science, 52:2, 293-308, 2006.
“Working through the patent problem” 2003, (with John Walsh and Wes Cohen), Science, 299(5609): 1021-1021, Feb 14.
"Contracting for Tacit Knowledge: The Provision of Technical Services in Technology Licensing Contracts", Journal of Development Economics, Vol. (50), August 1996, 233-256.

Markets for technology and division of innovative labor

Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy, (with Andrea Fosfuri and Alfonso Gambardella), MIT Press, 2001.
"Specialized Technology Suppliers, International Spillovers and Investment: Evidence from the Chemical Industry", 2000, (with Alfonso Gambardella, and Andrea Fosfuri), Journal of Development Economics, 65, 1, 31-54
“Open versus Closed firms and the Dynamics of Industry Evolution” (with Farasat Bokhari) forthcoming Journal of Industrial Economics
"The Changing Technology of Technological Change" (With Alfonso Gambardella), Research Policy, 23, 1994, 523-532.
"Complementarities And External Linkages: The strategies of large corporations in biotechnology", The Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. XXXVIII, No.4, 1990, 361-379. (With Alfonso Gambardella.)

Economics of information

“Optimal policy for software vulnerability disclosure”, (with Rahul Telang and Xu Hao), forthcoming Management Science
“Pricing diagnostic information”, 2005 (With Andrea Fosfuri), Management Science, Vol. 51(7): 1092-1100.
“Sell first, patch later: Impact of patching on software quality” (with Jon Caulkins and Rahul Telang), Management Science, 52:3, 465-471, 2006.

Studies of technology intensive industries

Chemicals and Long Term Economic Growth, editors, Ashish Arora, Ralph Landau, and Nathan Rosenberg, John Wiley and Sons, 1998.
"Domestic Markets And International Competitiveness: Generic and Product‑Specific Competencies in the Chemical Engineering Sector", (with Alfonso Gambardella), Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 18 (Summer Special Issue), 1997, 53-74.
“The Impact of NSF Support for Basic Research in Economics”, (with Alfonso Gambardella), forthcoming Les Annales des Economie et des Statistiques