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Alt. Convocation: Why a Tiny Pittsburgh Neighborhood Might Get $50,000

Pat Clark of Jackson/Clark Partners on how the Larimer Vision to Action Plan has residents of this population-devastated & underserved neighborhood rejuvenating it with and without city government's help. Pat Clark and his consulting firm Jackson/Clark Partners plan the whole process, guiding Larimer from planning to grant-getting to dirt-digging, pulling politicians, nonprofits, and business with it. 

Fred Brown, Associate Director of Program Development at Larimer's Kingsley Association, builds green & industrial workforce programs, and trains leaders nationwide, with TransitionUS & more--his date/location is TBA, but meetup.com/transitionpghwill have the event info when it happens.

This talk is sponsored by: CMU Toastmasters, Heinz College Smart Growth Club, Enactus, and Free teh Planet

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