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Silvia Borzutzky

Teaching Professor of International Relations and Politics

Email: sb6n@andrew.cmu.edu


Professional Background
Silvia Borzutzky is Teaching Professor of Political Science and International Relations and has been at the Heinz College since 2001.

Borzutzky serves in the Editorial Board of several journals including Social and Public Policy Review, The Journal of Societal and Social Policy, and Poverty and Public Policy Journal. She is also the Associate Editor for Latin America of the International Journal of Social Welfare and serves as the Contributing Editor for the Chile/ Political Economy section of the Handbook of Latin American Studies published by The United States Library of Congress. She is also Vice-president and co-founder of Poverty and Public Policy Caucus and as Associate Editor of the Berkshire International Encyclopedia of Social Policy.

At the Heinz College, she serves in the MSPPM Core Committee and is Co-Director of the Trade and Development Concentration.

Borzutzky has received numerous teaching awards including the Martcia Wade Award for Teaching Excellence from H. John Heinz III College of Public Policy and Management, the Elliot Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service from Carnegie Mellon’s College of Humanities and Social Science, as well as the Otto A. Davis Award from the Heinz School for her Commitment to Social and Racial Justice.

She has also received the Carnegie Mellon University’s Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Council, “You make Difference Award for Dedicated Efforts to Students, Demonstration of Superior Leadership, Inspiration to others, and Contributions to Student Success”; The Carnegie Mellon University’s, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Award for Dedication and Excellence in Education; The Panhellenic Society’s Women Role Model Honor, and the Carnegie Mellon University’s, Student Life Office Women Role Model Honor.

Borzutzky teaches courses in International Relations, American Politics, Human Rights, Women and Politics, and Social Policy.

Latin America’s struggle with democracy and dictatorship has been reflected in the region’s socioeconomic policies, its human rights policies, and its approaches to the international economic system. It is this experience, which has marked Borzutzky’s research and teaching interests. Borzutzky writes about social policies because they are an expression of the nature of the political system and of the political processes and actors that generated those policies. Social policies also serve to understand the government’s impact on society and they are an expression of the prevalent political and economic philosophy followed by the political leaders.

Because of her concern with the relationship between government and society, she is also interested in human rights issues. The study of human rights, specifically human rights policies, or transitional justice policies, provides another venue to understand the impact that the government has on society and societal responses to the abuses. Moreover, human rights policies cut across the domestic and international fields, combining her interests in domestic politics and international relations, as well as her interest on democracy and dictatorship. The focus of her research has been South America and specifically Chile.

Selected Publications: Books

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Selected Articles and Monographs: 2016-2004

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M.A., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
Law Degree, University of Chile