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Karen B. Clay

Professor of Economics and Public Policy (Joint appointment with the Tepper School of Business)

Email: kclay@andrew.cmu.edu
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Karen Clay is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University's H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management and by Courtesy, Tepper School of Business.  She is also Affiliated Faculty at University of Pittsburgh Law School.

Selected Publications

"Convergence in Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from High Temperatures and Mortality, 1900-2004” American Economic Review, Paper and Proceedings 105(5) (May 2015): 247-251 (with Alan Barreca, Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone, and Joseph Shapiro).

"Adapting to Climate Change: Evidence from Long-Run Changes in the Temperature-Mortality Relationship in the 20th Century United States." Journal of Political Economy 124.1(2015):323-342. NBER Working Paper #18692 (with Alan Barreca, Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone, and Joseph Shapiro).

"The Pittsburgh Region’s First Natural Gas Boom: Development, Policy and Environmental Effects, 1878-1920." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 139.3 (2015):323-342.

"Lead and Mortality." Review of Economics and Statistics v96, n3 (July 2014): 458-470. NBER Working Paper #16480 (with Werner Troesken and Michael Haines). A much earlier version is Lead Pipes and Child Mortality (with Werner Troesken and Michael Haines), NBER Working Paper #12603.

The Evolution of a Nation: How Geography and Law Shaped the American States 2011 (with Daniel Berkowitz)  Princeton University Press.
It is available for order through Amazon.

"Tariff Choice with Consumer Learning and Switching Costs" (with Ron Goettler), Journal of Marketing Researchv48 (August 2011 ): 633-652. Lead article.

"Pittsburgh as an Energy Capital:  A Life-Cycle Perspective on Coal and the Transition to Natural Gas" (with Joel Tarr), in Energy Capitals: Local Impact, Global Influence Edited by Martin Melosi and Joseph Pratt. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

"Gold Rush Legacy: American Minerals and the Knowledge Economy" (with Gavin Wright), in The Evolution of Property Rights Related to Land and Natural Resources. Edited by Daniel Cole and Elinor Ostrom.  Cambridge: Lincoln Land Institute Press, 2011.

"Did Frederick Brodie Discover the World's First Environmental Kuznets Curve? Coal Smoke and the Rise and Fall of the London Fog" (with Werner Troesken), in The Economics of Climate Change: Adaptations Past and Present. Edited by Gary Libecap and Richard H. Steckel. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011.


B.A., Economics and Mathematics, University of Virginia
Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University