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Changmi Jung

Ph.D. Candidate

PhD Candidate

PhD Job Market Candidate

Voice: 412-268-1846
Email: changmi@andrew.cmu.edu



I am a doctoral candidate at H. John Heinz III College at Carnegie Mellon University. My current research interest lies in the study of digital innovations in healthcare including the usage, adoption patterns, learning processes, optimal provisioning of the services, and characterizing the users and the impact of such services on them. I draw on theories and methods from management science, statistics, economics, service science, organizational learning and innovation diffusion to address the exploration of these questions. Through understanding the complex, dynamic and diverse aspects of a newly emerging healthcare delivery channel, we will gain insights for effective deployment and provisioning of well-planned digital healthcare services to the public, with much needed, improved healthcare service quality in primary care delivery.


Publications, Papers under review

• Jung C, Padman R. Disruptive Innovation in Health Care Delivery: The Case for Patient Portals and Online Clinical Consultations. The Handbook of Service Innovation Jan. 2014 forthcoming
• Jung C, Padman R, Argote L. Impact of Individual and Organizational Usage Experience with Structured eVisits on Service Efficiency: A Preliminary Analysis. Proceedings of INFORMS Workshop on Data Mining and Health Informatics, 2013
• Jung C, Padman R, Paone S, Shevchik G. Who are Portal Users vs. Early e-Visit Adopters? A Preliminary Analysis. Proceedings of AMIA 2011 Fall Symposium, 2011: 1070-1079
• Jung C, Padman R, Paone S. Understanding eVisit users and usage patterns: Analysis of the drivers of structured eVisit adoption. Under review of IMJI
• Jung C, Padman R, Anwar S, Gaynor MS. The Impact of Medicare Part-D Prescription Drug Benefit Program on Generic Drug Utilization: A Study of Long-term Care Facilities. Under review of International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence



•Jung C, Padman R., Argote, L., Mehrotra, A. Volume Based Learning in Structured eVisits: Impact of Individual and Organizational Experience on Service Efficiency, prepared for Management Science
•Jung C, Padman R. Digital Innovation in Primary Care Delivery: Study of eVisit Adoption in the Context of Innovation Diffusion Theory, prepared for JAMIA
•Jung C, Padman R. Mehrotra A. Online Medical Care vs. Traditional Face-to-Face Care: Substitution or Complementary Effects?



B.S. Statistics, EWHA Woman's University, Seoul, Korea
M.S. Master of Information System Management, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D. Healthcare Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University

Working Papers

Impact of Medicare Part-D

Impact of Medicare Part D on Generic Prescription Rate in the Long Term Care Facilities


Mathematical Models for Reconstruction Planning in Urban Areas

Mathematical Models for Reconstruction Planning in Urban Areas