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Pedro Ferreira

Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Joint appointment with Engineering and Public Policy)

Email: pedrof@cmu.edu
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Pedro Ferreira is an Assistant Professor at the Heinz College and at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. His research work focuses on how people use technology to consume experience goods and influence others to do so. These are inextricably linked to how firms behave and how public policies affect market structures. Ferreira’s work focuses on the application of robust empirical identification methods to analyze large datasets obtained from organic in-vivo large-scale network-centric randomized experiments. His research spans two interrelated applied areas -- the impact of information and communication technologies on education and peer-influence and consumption in the media industry. The bulk of his work is on medialytics – using big data analytics to understand the future of the media industry. In addition, Ferreira has also been studying competition, consumer churn and switching costs in telecommunications.


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5-year BSc, Systems and Computer Science, Specialization in Industrial Informatics
Instituto Superior Tecnico, 1996

MSc, Engineering Policy, Innovation and Management of Technology
Instituto Superior Tecnico, 1999

MSc, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Technology Policy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002

PhD, Engineering and Public Policy Specialization in Telecom Policy
Carnegie Mellon University, 2004