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Dennis Epple

Thomas Lord Professor of Economics (Joint appointment with the Tepper School of Business)

Email: epple@andrew.cmu.edu


Public economics, industrial organization and applied econometrics. Currently studying economics of education, state and local government finance, "learning by doing" and productivity change in manufacturing and services.

Major Publications/Papers

"Ability Tracking, School Competition, and the Distribution of Educational Benefits" with E. Newlon & R. Romano, NBER, 2000

"Neighborhood Schools, Choice, and the Distribution of Educational Benefits" with R. Romano, NBER, 2000

"Collective Choice and Voluntary Provision of Public Goods" with R. Romano, NBER, 2000

"Estimating Equilibrium Models of Local Jurisdictions" with H. Sieg, Journal of Political Economy, 1999

"Competition Between Private and Public Schools: Vouchers and Peer Group Effects," with R. Romano, American Economic Review, 1998

"Public Provision of Private Goods," with R. Romano, Journal of Political Economy, 1996

"The Acquisition, Transfer and Depreciation of Knowledge in Service Organizations: Productivity in Franchises," with L. Argote and E. Darr, Management Science, 1995

"Mobility and Redistribution," with T. Romer, Journal of Political Economy, 1991

"Learning Curves in Manufacturing," with L. Argote, Science, 1990

"Interjurisdictional Sorting and Majority Rule: An Empirical Analysis" with T. Romer and H. Sieg

"Peer Effects, Financial Aid, and Selection of Students into Colleges and Universities: An Empirical Analysis" with R. Romano and H. Sieg


  • Research Associate, Natural Bureau of Economic Research, 1998-
  • Research Grants, National Science Foundation, 1983-2002
  • National Fellow, Hoover Institute, 1984-1985
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, GSIA, 1978


  • Committee on Education Finance: Equity, Adequacy and Productivity, National Research Council of the National Academy of Science, 1996-1999
  • I Have A Dream Foundation, Pittsburgh

Editorial Boards

  • Co-Editor, American Economic Review, 1994-
  • Associate Editor, American Economic Review, 1999-
  • Member, Economics and Geography, 1999-

Professional Activities

  • Member of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Economic Inequality and Social Interaction


B.S., Purdue University, 1968
M.P.A., Princeton University, 1971
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1975