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Riaz Esmailzadeh

Associate Teaching Professor of Management and Technology, CMU-Australia

Email: riazesma@andrew.cmu.edu


Aug 2006 – Now, Associate Teaching Professor, Management of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Australia

  • Subjects include Telecom Technology and Management, in addition to topics in the area of E-Commerce and M-Commerce. In addition I have been responsible for teaching Ethics, Globalization and Public Policy as a matter of personal interest.

July 2002 – January 2006
Associate Professor, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan

  • Led a group of more than 30 researchers on several projects pertaining to future generations of mobile communications systems.
  • Through lectures and short courses, presented and advocated the latest in 3G/4G technologies for new mobile telecommunications services.
  • Promoted entrepreneurship at the university through partnership with other labs to bring ideas to products and build new ventures.

September 2002 – August 2006
Technical Advisor, IPMobile Inc., Tokyo, Japan

  • Led the presentation and discussions (in Japanese) with the Ministry of Public Management and Home Affairs, in order to obtain spectrum license.
  • Led R&D for TD-CDMA and Ad-Hoc network equipment development Jun 2000 – May 2002.
  • Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Genista Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
  • Presented Genista vision and technology to investors, customers, and analysts, as well as in conferences and panel discussions.
  • Led research and development activities for new products, leading to major innovations in radio resource management. Applied (jointly) for 11 patent applications.

May 1996 – May 2000
Research and Development Management and Consulting, Nippon Ericsson, Tokyo and Yokosuka, Japan, and Ericsson Radio Systems AB, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Founded and headed the research unit of Nippon Ericsson.
  • Directed the establishment of the unit with recruitment and education of new employees.
  • Represented Ericsson in activities within Japan (ARIB) and partly in Europe (ETSI) towards the finalization of 3G mobile communications standards.
  • Evaluated methods of CDMA communications towards adaptation of the 3G standards.
  • Proposed new methods for WCDMA systems, led to 17 patent applications.

April 1994 – April 1996
Research and Development Engineer, Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Kokubunji, Japan

  • Proposed and evaluated methods of CDMA communications for Hitachi’s 3G standards proposals, leading to 4 patents.

Jan. 1988 – Sep. 1990
Research and Development Engineer, Telstra, Sydney, Australia

  • Modeled and developed software for Telstra’s telecommunications network


Tokyo Prefecture Patent Award, 2006, for “Transmission Control method and Apparatus for Mobile Communications System,” Filed in Japan, also patented in the US: patent number 6,546,260

WBS Student Paper Award, for the outstanding technical paper titled: "Evaluation of Asymmetric TDD Systems Employing AMC and HARQ by Considering MCS Selection Errors", IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences.


CDMA communications (3G), multimedia streaming, and quality management and control leading to more than 60 patent applications, 20 of which have been granted in the US so far.

Contributed to the development of, and participated in international discussions pertaining to, the standardization of third generation (3G) mobile communications systems.

Research into broadband wireless telecommunications, including m-commerce, leading to the publication of a book.

Associate Professor, Keio University 2002-2006
Associate Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Australia, 2006-
Community Service

Volunteer education activities in Yokohama, Japan 1997-2006.
Selected Publications

R. Esmailzadeh and M. Nakagawa, “TDD CDMA for Wireless Communications”, Artech House Publishers, October 2002.

R. Esmailzadeh, “Broadband Wireless Communications Business: Costs and Benefits of New Technologies”, John Wiley Publishers, March 2006


PhD, Electrical Engineering, Keio University