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Seth Richards-Shubik

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Full-time Faculty

Office: 3016 Hamburg Hall
Voice: 412-268-4693
Email: sethrs 'at' cmu 'dot' edu
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Seth Richards-Shubik joined the Heinz College faculty in 2010 after completing a PhD in economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to his PhD, Seth earned an MPA at the Maxwell School and worked as a research assistant at the National Bureau of Economic Research. His earlier professional experience includes time as a congressional aide and political campaign manager.

Seth's research focuses on two themes within health economics. One area is network effects in health behaviors and medical decisionmaking, with some work on broader informational issues such as advertising. The other area is health disparities in the U.S., which includes work on the determinants of educational differences in mortality and the role of medical innovation in the growth of the racial gap in infant mortality.


PhD, University of Pennsylvania
MPA, Maxwell School of Syracuse University
BA, Harvard University


  • Cutler, David M., Ellen Meara, and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2012. “Induced Innovation and Social Inequality: Evidence from Infant Medical Care.” Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming in volume 47(2).

  • Horrace, William C., and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2011. “A Monte Carlo Study of Ranked Efficiency Estimates from Frontier Models.” Journal of Productivity Analysis, forthcoming (DOI: 10.1007/s11123-011-0238-y).

  • Cutler, David M., Fabian Lange, Ellen Meara, Seth Richards-Shubik, and Christopher J. Ruhm. 2011. “Rising Educational Gradients in Mortality: The Role of Behavioral Risk Factors.” Journal of Health Economics, 30(6): 1174-87.

  • David, Guy, Sara Markowitz, and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2010. “The Effects of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion on Adverse Drug Events and Regulation.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2(4): 1-25.

  • Meara, Ellen R., Seth Richards, and David M. Cutler. 2008. “The Gap Gets Bigger: Changes in Mortality and Life Expectancy by Education, 1981-2000.” Health Affairs, 27(2): 350-360.

  • Richards, Seth. 2005. “A Social Network Analysis into the David Kelly Tragedy.” Connections, 26(2): 25-32.

Working Papers


(See personal website for PDFs.)

a.Healthy Life Expectancy

“Healthy Life Expectancy: Estimates and Implications for Retirement Age Policy” (with David M. Cutler and Ellen Meara), December 2011.

w.Expected Efficiency

“Expected Efficiency Ranks from Parametric Stochastic Frontier Models” (with William C. Horrace), December 2011.

y.Sexual Initiation

“Peer Effects in Sexual Initiation: Separating Demand and Supply Mechanisms,” latest version June 2011.