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Param Vir Singh

Associate Professor of Business Technologies; Carnegie Bosch Junior Chair in Information Sciences

Email: psidhu@andrew.cmu.edu
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Professor Singh investigates the use of social technologies (such as crowdsourcing, blogging, enterprise 2.0, open source) to solve business problems. Specifically, he studies user behavior on social technologies to provide policy and design implications to foster innovation and knowledge sharing. Prof Singh's studies on blogs have addressed important questions regarding governance of employee blogs by firms. His research shows that prohibiting employees from posting content that criticizes the firm or promotes the rivals, or posting non work related content or encourgaing lurkers to blog are suboptimal policies with negative consequences for organizations. His work on crowdsourcing ideation provides policies for firms to govern their crowdsourcing initiatives for getting highly valuable new product ideas from consumers. He is presently investigating how to optimally design crowdsourcing contests for innovation. His work on open source has highlighted inefficiencies in the choice of licensing options and using social network methods have provided guidelines on successful team formations.

Research Interests

Economics of information systems, social networks, open source software development, structural models, and dynamic models.


Panjab University - B.E. - 2000
Texas Tech University - M.A. - 2004
University of Washington - M.S.B.A. - 2008
University of Washington - Ph.D. - 2008