Heinz College Launches Transportation Research Initiative

Nov 02, 2009

Directed by Heinz College’s Distinguished Service Professor and Center for Economic Development faculty Rick Stafford, Traffic21 is a new Carnegie Mellon University initiative intended to advance new areas of research in intelligent transportation that can be linked to regional demonstrations and deployments. Traffic21 seeks to enhance Carnegie Mellon University’s existing leadership in related research and implementation in critical infrastructure, transportation access, transportation routing and efficiencies, and autonomy and the vehicle of the future.

Heinz College’s Robert Hampshire is one of many faculty across the University researching applications in to intelligent transportation. Hampshire is currently working with a group of Heinz students on a system synthesis project for Port Authority to develop IT and policy to deliver real-time bus location and estimated arrival times to the Authority’s riders.

As Stafford notes, “This project is one more example of how solutions to public issues can be found through marrying IT and public policy analysis."

Underway as of July 2009, Traffic 21 is made possible by seed funding from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation. Interested parties should contact Rick Stafford.


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