MISM Graduate Co-Founds Fashion Startup

Nov 21, 2012

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Amrish Singh, a Masters of Information Science Management (MISM ‘09) alum from Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, recently launched the fashion/commerce startup, Threadmatcher.com.  The site’s recently enjoyed a successful launch at the DEMO Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

ThreadMatcher is a social commerce website that helps users curate the clothes that they both own and wish into virtual closets, and then get relevant recommendations by following the curation of others who share a similar style.  Users will be matched to one another based on the similarities in their style, the specific clothes that they thread, as well as a quick style quiz when they first sign into the site.  In addition, ThreadMatcher also sends out price drop alerts whenever users' threaded products go on sale.

Singh admits that there’s a tremendous amount of data mining that goes into the site in order to match people based on their styles.  “A lot of this work was possible because of the technical training I received at Carnegie Mellon and the Heinz School,” said Singh.

The skills Singh learned at Heinz College, as both a grad and undergrad, in the fields of data mining and business analytics are helping him create what he hopes will be the “ultimate shopping experience.”

“We want to make it personal by delivering only the data that’s relevant to each customer.  The site, which you don’t need to be fashion-minded to enjoy, is looking to simplify everyone’s shopping experience.”

Threadmatcher’s launch video, which has been quickly gaining views, can be seen below.


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