PennDOT Secretary Schoch Highlights CMU and Autonomous Vehicles

Dec 19, 2012

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PennDOT website tries to sell public on its efforts

Before drivers are asked to contribute more money to fund transportation programs, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants them to know about its efforts to stretch every buck.

It has created a Web page called Modern PennDOT to describe nearly 50 initiatives completed or under way to make the department more receptive to businesses and consumers and more efficient. The page also is accessible from the department's home page.

"You are the shareholders of PennDOT," Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch told a Pittsburgh gathering last week. "You have to decide whether we're worthy of additional investment."

Mr. Schoch said Gov. Tom Corbett will present a plan early next year for raising new revenue to finance improvements to the state's deteriorating roads and bridges, help ailing public transit systems and upgrade other transportation modes.

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