Heinz College and UPMC Team Up for Bold Data Analytics Program

Feb 01, 2013

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Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College has begun a groundbreaking new partnership with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center this month with the launch of the UPMC Data Analytics Certificate Program.

The program is part of a $100 million project UPMC initiated last year in data analytics and warehousing. UPMC’s partnership with Heinz College is due in large part to the College’s commitment to initiatives like the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics concentration of the Master of Information Systems Management program, the Living Analytics Research Center (LARC) and the Future of Work (FOW) program. In addition to the program with Heinz College, UPMC has also established partnerships with IBM and Oracle. 

Heinz College, home to CMU’s top-ranked policy, technology and management graduate programs, is world-renowned for its analytical strengths in addressing complex societal and organizational problems.  UPMC, which is taking significant steps to further its data analytics capabilities, is making major investments in enterprise data repositories and business intelligence tools.

The UPMC Data Analytics Certificate will comprise of six courses designed to build UPMC employee skills in business intelligence.  Course topics will include evidence-based management, decision-making under uncertainty, and data mining.

“I think this is the first executive program, not a session or a course, but an entire curriculum, focused on practicing evidence-based management,” said Denise Rousseau, Heinz College professor of organizational behavior and public policy.

Rousseau will be teaching the evidence-based management course for the UPMC employees.

“Participants will learn how to access and use scientific knowledge to help solve management problems and how to turn organizational data into useful information for making decisions,” Rousseau said.

“At UPMC, our drive for excellence requires exceptional people with clear thinking and a serious focus,” says UPMC’s senior vice president and chief information officer Dan Drawbaugh.  “The learning partnership between CMU and UPMC supports this intellectual pursuit.  We have extremely talented and dedicated people here.  What we are doing is asking our organization to persistently stretch and grow, to transform,  towards the future of healthcare.  Our partnership is one of the steps to support this critical journey.”

“The first cohort started their CMU experience last week and are applying and morphing their ideas with expert guidance in analytics from the CMU faculty, “adds Drawbaugh.  “This academic stimulus is allowing the participants to come together and formulate new, creative concepts as part of UPMC’s Personalized Medicine program. It’s an exciting time for UPMC and this group of UPMC students.  We are thrilled to be a part of this partnership and for our future learning together.”

Once participants have completed the training, they will be given the Heinz College Business Intelligence Certificate, with the expectation that they will take leadership roles in furthering business intelligence maturity levels across UPMC.

Participants will also receive advanced standing toward a Master of Science in Information Technology degree from Heinz College.

Organizations interested in a similar partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College should contact Andrew Wasser at 412-268-7639 or awasser@cmu.edu.


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