MEIM Students Participate in Studio Treks

Feb 13, 2013

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Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) students from Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College were recently invited to take part in MBA Studio Treks in Los Angeles.

The Studio Treks program invites MBA students from several universities to tour and participate in panel discussions with key members of major studios, including Disney, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Brothers. Ten students from Heinz College’s MEIM program made the trip.

Jing Lin, a second-year MEIM student, noted how helpful the experience was for students looking to enter into the entertainment industry.

“By attending panels and networking with executives, the trek helps put into context what you might only read about in the trades or textbooks,” said Lin. “Through it, I gained a lot of insight into the current landscape of the industry and what the studios are looking for when it comes to recruiting."

The visit to Paramount was a highlight for first-year MEIM Olivia Barton.

“We all got the opportunity to sit down with fellow graduate students and HR representatives, which gave me the opportunity to talk about the MEIM program and what makes us stand out from other masters programs,” said Barton. “In fact, after the discussion, I had a MBA student from another university come up and tell me that he wished he had applied to our program instead!”

The discovery of Heinz College’s MEIM program was a theme throughout most of the Studio Treks. Taylor Grabowsy, a first-year student, was impressed with how well Heinz College stood out during his first trek.

“We were among top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, Yale… but we are not typical MBA students,” said Grabowsky. “We are graduate students positioned in entertainment industry management, which actually worked in our favor.”

“MBA students from other universities kept asking us about our program, and the common reflection seemed to be, ‘why didn't I know about this?’” he said.

Outside of the studio tours, the students had the opportunity to meet with MEIM alumni in Los Angeles and found an impressive network of knowledge and support.


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