Dr. Brett Crawford Featured in Musical America Worldwide

Feb 21, 2013

Image associated with the Dr. Brett Crawford Featured in Musical America Worldwide news item

Dr. Brett Crawford, a Master of Arts Management (MAM) assistant teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, was recently featured in a Musical America Worldwide special report.

Musical America Worldwide is a service organization that provides resources for performing arts professionals.  Their current special report, Filling the Seats: Ticketing in the New Age, examines the challenges arts organizations face in the age of digital ticketing and presents the tools, methods, and talents needed to expand ticket sales.

Crawford authored two articles featured in the special report –- “Where Should Ticketing Live in My Organization?” and “How to Get the Most Out of Your Ticketing Investment Dollar.”

“Both articles were written to help those who don’t have an opportunity to pursue an MA in arts management,” said Crawford.  One of the bigger audiences Musical America Worldwide reaches comprises individuals who work for chamber music and orchestras, which typically have less staff and less technical expertise.

“It’s all about helping these organizations get the most out of their dollar,” Crawford said.

Read the full report from Musical America Worldwide >>


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