MEIM Student Featured in Top India Newspaper

Feb 25, 2013

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Aditya Rao, a second year Masters of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) student at Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, was recently featured in The Deccan Chronicle, one of India’s top English language newspapers.  Rao was featured for recent successes in his music career, which include having his vocals featured in a major Indian motion picture.

Though Rao has achieved many milestones in his musical career, he hasn’t let that slow his pursuit of an MEIM degree from Heinz College.

“My passion hasn’t always been with just music; I also have a passion for the business side of the industry, with music management and finance,” says Rao.

“I want to package myself as a very marketable product,” he says.  “I felt the biggest step towards success I could take was to be able to manage myself as both an artist and as a business.”

Rao also points out that one of the biggest downfalls people face when entering the music or entertainment industry as talent is that they are at the mercy of outside agents, who may not have the artist’s best interest in mind. This is why skill sets, like the ones provided by an MEIM degree from Heinz College, are vital for continued success.

Rao is using his skills not only to further his own career, but also to assist the career of other talents from India. Rao is part of the start-up, which he describes the as a Facebook/LinkedIn hybrid focused on connecting underrepresented talent in India.

“It’s a support network designed to aid artists that don’t have or can’t afford effective representation,” Rao says.

Watch a video of Rao performing Manmohini Morey:

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