A New CED Partner: Pittsburgh Community Investment Group

May 03, 2013

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The Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) recently became the newest community partner of the Center for Economic Development (CED) at Heinz College.  The PCRG will join ten other institutions from the Pittsburgh region with key roles in economic, community, and technology based development.  Ernie Hogan, PCRG’s Executive Director, is now the tenth Executive Fellow of the CED.

The CED’s partners provide new opportunities for Heinz College students interested in economic and community development and related fields. These opportunities include system synthesis projects, lectures, and other student engagements with partner executives and staff.

For example, Ernie recently gave the keynote address at the College’s Lauble Award Ceremony.  This year’s recipient, Peter Brewton (MSPPM 2013) will be interning with PCRG over the summer on land bank policy and practice.  PCRG also recently hosted a forum for candidates for the upcoming mayoral election in the city, and this summer will be hosting a community development summit.  See www.pcrg.org for details.

As noted by its website, PCRG is a coalition of nonprofit community based organizations and their core partners dedicated to the revitalization of urban neighborhoods. Through advocacy, policy creation, tool development and community empowerment through capacity building, it strives to create a more supportive environment for community revitalization in the Pittsburgh region. Organized in 1988 to provide a coordinated response to disparities in mortgage lending in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, PCRG has since grown to become a nationally recognized leader on issues of equitable access to credit.

Through its Neighborhood Policy, Regional Policy and Banking Policy initiatives, PCRG works to:

  • Eradicate blight through land recycling;
  • Ensure the accessibility of capital and personal wealth in all markets;
  • Stabilize neighborhoods through increased community safety initiatives;
  • Prioritize investment in transit infrastructure and bring the community voice to transportation planning; and
  • Establish tools, programs, and policies that encourage development in urban neighborhoods.

“While the problems that PCRG was formed to address have evolved, so have the opportunities, and so has the PCRG,” said Greg Lagana, Director of Projects at the CED, “they now play a critical and value added intermediary function between the region’s banks and economic and community development policy and practice.  We look forward to getting our students involved in their initiatives and the communities they seek to help.”


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