Non-Degree Students

The process listed on this page applies to non-matriculating students (students not pursuing a degree).

As a non-Heinz student, non-matriculating student you can take a maximum of two full- semester or four “mini” Heinz courses (24 units). You must receive permission from Heinz College’s Office of Academic Services and appropriate program office. You must complete the following steps in this order so that your request is handled in a timely manner. It is suggested that you start this process at least three weeks before classes begin.

We will not process any non-degree seeking student registration forms on or after the 1st day of the semester.

Process to request a class at Heinz as a non-degree seeking student:

Step 1

You can take up to two courses per mini and up to four courses total. Review the list of available courses; the courses listed are available, but registration is not guaranteed.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment to discuss your interest in Heinz College courses with the appropriate program office at Heinz:

Classes with the prefixes 90-, 91-, 93, or 94-, please contact Lori Geraci: or 412-268-7249
If you are interested in a 95- class, please contact Allison Frankoski: or 412-268-8983

At the time of your meeting, you are required to submit your professional resume and a copy of your transcript from the undergraduate institution where you earned your bachelor’s degree (please note: the degree date or date of completion/ graduation for your bachelor’s degree must be listed on the transcript).

Step 3

During your appointment, you will be advised whether or not there is space available in the course(s) of interest. While meeting with the program office representative, you will complete a registration form* and have it signed by the program office. The program office will then deliver the complete and signed form to the Office of Admission at Heinz.

*This registration form is not the same as the “Non-Degree Registration Form” available on the Hub’s website. You are NOT required to submit the Hub’s form. However, in order to enroll in a Heinz College course, you must fill out the form provided by the program office at Heinz.  

Step 4

After the form has been processed, you will be registered for the class(es) you have requested (if space is available) or placed on the waitlist (when a seat is not immediately available). You will receive an email confirming your enrollment status.

If you are placed on a waitlist, you should NOT attend the course. Students who are added to a class roster from the waitlist will be notified via email when this occurs. Please note, if you do not receive an email before the first day of the semester, you should contact the program office:      

Classes with the prefixes 90-, 91-, 93, or 94-, please contact Lori Geraci: or 412-268-7249
95- classes: Allison Frankoski: or 412-268-8983


Non-degree seeking students must abide by all academic policies, procedures and deadlines once the registration form has been submitted. Please refer to the Heinz College Student Resource Directory for more information.