DC/LA Immersion Experiences

Students who enroll in one of our immersion programs, the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management - DC Track or the Master of Entertainment Industry Management, spend their first year in Pittsburgh gaining core management skills before moving on to Washington, DC, or Los Angeles, CA, to apply these skills in full-time employment while taking coursework taught by professionals in the field. If you are in either DC or Los Angeles and have interest in hiring students from these programs, please contact our career services center at 412-268-2166 or cs77@andrew.cmu.edu.

The Heinz College Washington, DC Experience

Students in the Washington, DC, track of our two-year Master of Public Policy and Management program are required to complete an apprenticeship during their second year of study. The apprenticeship is more rigorous and advanced than an internship because it lasts for eight months, and students are required to work at least 30 hours per week.

Apprenticeships have taken place at federal agencies such as the U.S. State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, Capitol Hill, USAID, Department of Education and GAO, nonprofit and NGOs such as the World Bank and the Urban Institute and private sector organizations such as Deloitte Consulting.

For information on the MSPPM-DC experience, please contact Marie Coleman at (202) 403-8604 or mcoleman@andrew.cmu.edu.

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The Heinz College Los Angeles Experience

The Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) program prepares students for leadership careers in film, television, digital media and radio. The MEIM program offers a unique blend of Carnegie Mellon University's renowned rigorous academic training and hands-on training within the film and television industry in Los Angeles.

The summer internship is intended to acquaint MEIM students with industry practices and vernacular, to strengthen the students’ professional network, expand their skills, knowledge and, of course, their resumes. MEIM students are required to complete a ten-week, full-time internship at a film or television production company or a related agency.

Recent MEIM summer internship locations include Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - TV Distribution and Syndication, Bruckheimer Productions, Deluxe Studios, ESPN (CT), Focus Features, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Grey's Anatomy. International Creative Management, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, (NYC), Mandate Pictures, Overture Films, United Artists, John Wells Productions, Steiner Studios (NYC), Sony Music (NY), Telemundo (Miami), and Warner Bros. Marketing.

For information on the MEIM experience, please contact Dan Green at (818) 980-6346 or dtgreen@andrew.cmu.edu.

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