Student Capstone Projects

A unique aspect of the Heinz College experience is the application of classroom study to a real-world scenario. These rigorous team-based project courses prepare students to make the transition from an academic environment to the working world.

For-profit and nonprofit organizations from all over the world partner with us on research efforts, because it provides them with free access to some of the brightest analytical minds available.

Capstone Project

Students in the School of Information Systems and Management are required to complete a capstone project structured around one of five areas of concentration: electronic commerce, business intelligence, information security management, medical informatics or service management.

Students routinely do projects with clients of varying size, from startup companies to Fortune 100 corporations. The project drivers vary widely from e-marketing to data analytics, and each project requires significant client interaction.

For more information about the capstone experience, please contact Sean R. Beggs at or 412-268-5488.

Systems Synthesis Project

Systems Synthesis is the second-year project course for students in Heinz College’s School of Public Policy and Management. The project embraces four educational goals that synthesize the Heinz College experience and apply it to the analysis of complex public policy issues:

  • Develop problem structuring and solving skills;
  • Develop project management, teamwork, and communication skills;
  • Provide a capstone experience that integrates and synthesizes "core" coursework;
  • Provide a “real world” organizational experience.

For more information about Systems Synthesis, please contact Gladys Perez at or 412-268-1909.