CIO Institute

Arlington, VA

Carnegie Mellon University’s CIO Institute delivers excellence in executive education for today’s leaders in business-technology.

The CIO Council's Executive Committee has decided to retire the CIO University Program, and accordingly, they are phasing out the issuance of Federal Certificate from all partner universities. CMU’s CIOI program will continue, as before, and further develop the curriculum and diverse mix of the student base. In addition, we will be offering short courses on key topics within CIOI designed to be delivered for interested organizations. Students will continue to receive a CMU issued certificate of completion. However, in order for a Carnegie Mellon CIOI student to receive the Federal Certificate, they must complete all eight modules by the end of calendar year 2015.

The CIO Institute is specifically focused on helping IT leaders better align people, processes, and technology for organizational effectiveness through our flagship program, the Chief Information Officer Certificate. The CIO Institute can also develop customized programs to fit your organization’s specific training needs.

The program focuses on twelve subject areas directly related to competencies identified by the Federal CIO Council in compliance with the Clinger Cohen Act of 1996:

  • Policy and Organization
  • Leadership/Managerial
  • Process/Change Management
  • Information Resources Strategy and Planning
  • IT Performance Assessment: Models and Methods
  • IT Project/Program Management
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Acquisition
  • E-Government
  • Information Security/Information Assurance (IA)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technology Management and Assessment