UPMC Data Analytics Certificate Program

The Program

Data Analysis - StockLaunched in 2012, the UPMC Data Analytics Program is a groundbreaking partnership between Heinz College and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The program, which is offered exclusively to UPMC employees, is part of UPMC’s $100 million investment in data analytics and warehousing.

Through the UPMC Data Analytics Program, Heinz College faculty members train high-potential analysts in cutting-edge business intelligence practices. The initiative includes valuable partnerships with IBM and Oracle, which allows Heinz College to offer participants hands-on experiences in working with some of the world’s most widely used data analytics applications.

Heinz College is world-renowned for its analytical strengths in addressing complex societal and organizational problems. UPMC has taken significant steps to further its data analytics capabilities, and has made major investments in enterprise data repositories and business intelligence tools.

“We’ve worked very closely with UPMC leadership in identifying business cases for new ways in which a data architecture could help contribute to decision-making,” said Denise Rousseau, Heinz College Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Policy. "And we’ve taught using examples from UPMC as case material and as the framework for student projects and activities. So we have a very effective partnership where their business cases are feeding back into the mechanics of our classes.”

The Courses

The UPMC Data Analytics Certificate curriculum includes the following seven courses designed to build UPMC employee skills in business intelligence:

Course 1 – Optimization – Don Taylor

Course 2 – Evidence Based Management – Denise Rousseau

Course 3 – Decision Making Under Uncertainty – Don Taylor

Course 4 – Introductory Empirical Methods – Amelia Haviland

Course 5 – Applied Data Science – Artur Dubrawski

Course 6 – Analytics for Business Intelligence – Artur Dubrawski

Course 7 – Practicum Projects

The Outcomes

Denise Rousseau - Drop ShadowOnce participants have completed the training, they will receive the Heinz College Data Analytics Certificate, with the expectation that they will take leadership roles in furthering business intelligence maturity levels across UPMC.

Participants will also receive advanced standing toward a Master of Science in Information Technology degree from Heinz College.

“We do see that the people who have gone through our training are much better able and more likely to use management research in their thinking, in their development, and in the decisions that they make compared to their untrained peers,” said Rousseau. “We also see that people who go through the program become very active participants in the ‘advice network.’ They become the go-to people for their peers who haven’t been trained on how to solve technical problems, or how to implement changes to the data architecture.”

More Information

This program is exclusively available for UPMC employees. If your organization is interested in a similar executive education partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, please contact Andrew Wasser at 412-268-7639 or awasser@cmu.edu.