MISM 16-Month Track Sample Schedule

16-Month Track

The MISM curriculum, comprised of business and technology courses, is designed to propel you along a more successful career path in information systems management. Created by a world-class faculty, the program is a 3-semester, intensive, on-campus master's program developed to meet the needs of those desiring to gain the required skills while spending a minimum amount of time outside the workforce. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of the interrelationships across technology, management, and strategy.

Below is a sample curriculum. Your curriculum will vary depending on your choice of electives, classes you exempt, and your course load:

MISM Elective


First Semester (Fall)

Course Number Course Title Units
95-703 Database Management 12
95-710 Economic Analysis 6
95-712 Object Oriented Programming in Java 12
95-718 Professional Speaking 6
94-702 Professional Writing 6
95-796 Statistics for IT Managers 6
94-700 Organizational Design & Implementation 6
95-808 IT Project Management 6

Second Semester (Spring)

Course Number Course Title Units
95-702 Distributed Systems 12
95-723 Managing Disruptive Technologies 12
95-715 Financial Accounting 6
95-716 Principles of Finance 6
95-760 Decision Making Under Uncertainty 6
95-729 E-Commerce Technologies 6
95-791 Data Mining 6
94-840 Lean Entrepreneurship 6

Third Semester (Fall)

Course Number Course Title Units
95-720 Information Systems Project 24
95-706 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 6
95-722 Digital Transformation 6
95-774 Business Process Modeling 6
95-775 IT Business Leadership 6
95-837 Global IT Sourcing 6
94-800 Negotiation 6