MISM Career Counseling

Heinz College's prominence in technology education puts you face-to-face with 100’s of the most sought-after firms in the world.

The three largest sets of employers are consulting firms, financial services firms, and technology firms. The majority of job placements are in New York City, Silicon Valley, Washington DC area, and Chicago.

Career Services will work aggressively with you to prepare, select and secure employment with these firms. Our placement rates are comparable to top MBA programs. The Carnegie Mellon and MISM reputation and track record ensure a steady stream of brand-name organizations seeking out our students.

Staff members provide ongoing guidance to achieve your goals. There are two full-time, experienced placement staff that work exclusively with the Heinz IS programs.

Typical counseling activities include:

  • Assessment of skills and career interests.
  • Resume and letter reviews.
  • Discussion of internship and job search strategies.
  • Job offer review and salary negotiation discussions.
  • Alumni contacts and other networks.
  • Handling interviews, meals, phone calls, case exercises, etc.

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