MAM Admissions Requirements


With each entering class, we seek to create a diverse community of future arts managers. Heinz College students have no singular profile: they have a variety of undergraduate majors, unique strengths, and differing amounts and types of work experience. Together, they represent a lively population preparing to take on the challenges facing arts organizations today.

An academic background or experience in the arts is important, but it's not a prerequisite for the MAM program. First and foremost, we seek immensely driven students with a passion for the arts, a dedication to a career in arts management and goals that are in line with the focus of our program.

For more information on our student body, including demographics and test scores, view the class profile.

Because of the quantitative nature our graduate programs, the faculty requires that all incoming students have a solid quantitative foundation prior to enrollment at Heinz College. Since our successful applicants come from diverse academic backgrounds, we offer the Quantitative Skills Summer Program (QSSP) to prepare our incoming students who did not previously complete college-level courses like advanced algebra, pre-calculus and statistics. Do you meet the prerequisites for admission?  Click here for more information.   

Before you begin your online application, please carefully review the information at the link below.

MAM Program Application Requirements and Process


Exchange Program Applicants:

Information for students who wish to apply to enroll in the MAM program as an exchange student abroad:
Exchange Program Application Instructions