MAM Collaborative/Accelerated Programs

Maybe you're the type of student who already has proven academic abilities and solid leadership skills. Maybe you want to be on the fast track of the learning process so you can hit the job market sooner. When we designed our Collaborative/Accelerated Programs, we had you in mind.

Earn your undergraduate and graduate degree in five years, rather than six, through our Accelerated Masters Programs (AMP) and Collaborative Master’s Programs (3-2 and 4+1). Heinz College has signed agreements with the following Institutions to provide you with this opportunity:

Allegheny College  (3 years at Allegheny College + 2 years at Heinz College)

Bethany College  (3 years at Bethany College + 2 years at Heinz College)

Carnegie Mellon University  (3 years undergraduate + 1 year integrated + 1 year at Heinz)

Chatham University  (3 years at Chatham + 4 classes at Heinz during senior year at Chatham + 1 year at Heinz College)

Details of each agreement (application, enrollment, financial aid, etc.) vary based on the institution and on the specific degree. Please read each agreement carefully.

We encourage you to visit our campus to learn more!

This is an important life-changing decision so please visit our campus, meet with current students, the admissions team and the program director to gain additional insight. Request a visit by calling our office at 412.268.2164 or emailing us at  

Meet our Students!

Access the profiles of current students and alums of our Accelerated Master's Programs: Accelerated Master's student profiles

Scholarships and Financial Aid for 3-2/ Accelerated Master's Program Students

3-2 students from CMU and Chatham retain their undergraduate scholarship/ grant eligibility for their 4th year as undergraduate students. Heinz College will award scholarships to CMU and Chatham 3-2 students for their 5th and final year in the program. Awards will be based upon academic performance and will applied to the student account for the semesters following the completion of their bachelor's degree.

3-2 students from all other partner institutions who indicate in the application for admission that they want to be considered for financial aid are automatically considered for any applicable scholarship opportunities for their 4th and 5th years (both years of enrollment at Heinz). A separate application is not necessary for consideration.  

For more information on federal financial aid (loan and work study award) eligibility and how/ when to apply for financial aid as a 3-2 student, please click here.