MAM Exchange Program with the University of Bologna

Please note the following:

  1. Students are limited to one semester at the host campus. The maximum number of units that can be counted towards their Heinz College degree from that one semester is 60.
  2. U.S. students who are otherwise eligible may apply for federal aid for courses that are accepted as credits earned towards their Heinz College degree. A financial aid “Consortium Agreement” must be completed for each individual U.S. student participating in the exchange program.  


This exchange agreement allows students from either the University of Bologna or Heinz College to study at the other campus for one semester.

  • For students attending Bologna, Prof. Luca Zan is the exchange program liaison based in Bologna.
  • Courses in Bologna are taught in English.
  • Interested students currently attending Heinz should contact Kathryn Heidemann regarding study in Bologna.

Exchange Program Applicants:

Additional information for students who wish to apply to enroll in Pittsburgh as an exchange student in Carnegie Mellon's MAM program is available here:
Exchange Program Application Instructions