Arts Management & Technology Lab Fellows

The Arts Management and Technology Laboratory (fka Technology in the Arts) hires a Chief Editor (AMTLab Fellow) on an anuual basis. First year MAM students can apply for the AMTLab Fellowship, which occurs in their second year in the MAM program.  


The editor will work with the Executive Director to establish the overarching issues for the year and work to effectively deliver online content to address those issues while staying in touch with innovations in the field. The editor will directly supervise the blog entries for current issues, reviews, and “great ideas” while coordinating the Dialogues section with consistent podcasts and interviews. The Editor will work with the Executive Director and the Coordinator to maximize opportunities for workshops and guest lecturers. The Chief Editor must enroll in the Research Seminar 94.843 OR Independent Study/Practicum under Dr. Brett Crawford. Anticipated hours 10-15 per week.


The best candidates will have exemplary writing and editing skills, as well as professional experience with related responsibilities. Excellent coordination of diverse personalities and conflicting deadlines a plus. A strong aesthetic sense and experience with Word Press preferred. A sense of humor required. Second-year MAMs strongly encouraged to apply.


The AMTLab Fellow:

  • will receive a scholarship of $3,000 / semester for their second year of study as a MAM student.
  • will be eligible for $1,000 in conference travel funds.
  • will remain eligible for other work-study positions in addition to this position.