MAM - GIOCA with the University of Bologna, Italy

Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College offers a double-degree masters program in Arts Management with the University of Bologna, Italy. This partnership is the only initiative of its kind focusing on global cultural management. The program combines the strengths of Carnegie Mellon's rigorous approach, focused on applied management theory and skills, with the University of Bologna's interdisciplinary approach that allows students to understand global operational issues as they relate to the artistic dimensions of cultural institutions.

Over 28 to 30 months, equaling six academic terms, students will earn both a Masters in Arts Management (MAM) from Carnegie Mellon and a graduate degree in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts (GIOCA) from the University of Bologna’s School of Economics.

Listen to an audio interview about the MAM-GIOCA dual degree with MAM faculty member Jerry Coltin and GIOCA program coordinator Federica Onofri (.mp3) >>

Program Logistics

The joint degree program is designed to be completed within 2.5 to 3 years.

1st Year (August-August): During the first year, students study at Heinz College's Pittsburgh campus taking the standard first-year curriculum (listed below).

2nd Year (September-June): The second year invloves full-time study at the University of Bologna's Italy campus taking a combination of required and elective courses (listed below).

After June, students are free to live wherever they desire as they complete their internship and thesis requirements. At this point, students have the opportunity to defend their thesis in either December or in March. Upon successfully completion of their thesis work, students either graduate in December or in May. Please see the below table for more details.  

Calendar Year 1 Calendar Year 2 Calendar Year 3


Heinz College Pittsburgh, PA

  • CMU Coursework (3 semesters)        





University of Bologna, Italy

  • Bologna Coursework (4 terms)


Location - TBD (up to student)

  • Intership or Job
  • Project work/Thesis Prep
  Option 1 Option 2


  • Bologna Thesis Defense (in Bologna or CMU via videoconference)
  • Bologna Graduation
  • CMU Graduation



  • Bologna Thesis Defense (in Bologna or CMU via videoconference)
  • Bologna Graduation


  • CMU Graduation

Financial Aid and Scholarship:

During year one, students may apply to receive scholarships and federal financial aid from Heinz College. In the second and third years, students will continue to receive part-time financial aid through Heinz College. However, for scholarships and fellowships, students must apply to University of Bologna directly. For more information on University of Bologna's scholarship, please contact Federica Onofri at

Carnegie Mellon Coursework

Fall Semester


Spring Semester

Cultural Economics - 12 units
Principles of Marketing -  6 units
Creative Enterprises: Structures and Governance - 6 units
Organizational Design & Implementation - 6 units
Empirical Methods for Public Policy and Management - 12 units
Exhibitions Management - 6 units
Performing Arts Organizations: Business Models & Management Issues - 6 units
HR Management in Creative Enterprises - 6 units

TOTAL: 60 units


Museum Operations if Exhibitions - 6 units
Planning & Managing Performing Arts Programming - 6 units
Arts Marketing and Public Relations - 6 units
Creative Enterprises: Management Systems and Practices - 6 units
Fund Raising Fundamentals - 6 units
Sponsorships and Gifts - 6 units
Electives (optional) - 18 units

TOTAL: 48 units

 Summer Semester




Financial Analysis - 12 units
Strategic Presentation Skills - 6 units
Business English (or) Professional Writing - 6 units
Information Systems for Managers - 12 units
Elective -  6 units

TOTAL: 42 units




Possible MAM-GIOCA College of Fine Arts Elective Courses

Research Seminar in Arts Management & Technology
Arts Facilities Management
Dealers, Galleries and Auction Houses
Aesthetics and Critical Judgment
Exhibitions Management
Cultural Policy Seminar
Performing Arts Organizations: Business Models & Management Issues
Museum Operations
Planning and Managing Performing Arts Programming
Entrepreneurship in Creative Enterprises
Arts in Education
Public Art
Managing Cultural Heritage: Identity and Sustainability
Cultural Policy and Advocacy in the U.S.
Audience Engagement and Participation
CFA Elective (approved by MAM Committee)

Possible MAM-GIOCA Heinz College Elective Courses

Women in Public Policy
Urban Development
Accounting & Control for Nonprofits
Real Estate Development
Advanced Negotiation
Ethics and Public Policy in a Global Society
Media and Public Policy
Sustainable Community Development
Desktop Publishing
Foundation of Social Entrepreneurism
Program Evaluation
Organizational Change
Conflict Resolution
Acting for Management
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Strategy Development
Project Management
Measurement and Analysis of Social Media
Creating Results Oriented Programs
Survey Design
Market Research
Interactive Marketing


University of Bologna - GIOCA Coursework

Regional Cultural Policies
Laboratory of Management of the Film Industry
Analytical Customer Relationship Management
Urban Planning and Development
Cultural Economics
New Public Management
Law and the Arts
Heritage, History and the Issue of Managing
Critical Studies and Arts Management
Knowledge Management in Arts Organizations
Managing Networks in the Arts
Project Management for Arts Organizations
Laboratory of Management of the Visual Arts
Laboratory of Management of Performing Arts
Laboratory of heritage and Arts Management

Laboratory of Museums and Other Scientific Institutions
Sociology of Territory and Culture
Law and Economics of New Media
Reporting, Budgeting and Business Planning
Laboratory of Music and New Media
Art Appreciation
Museum and Scientific Institutions

Students interested in the dual degree program apply for admission by submitting their application to Heinz College (selecting the MAM program and the MAM-GIOCA dual degree track). Prospective students are not required to submit a separate application to the University of Bologna. Students interested in a semester exchange/study abroad (not the double degree) as part of their experience as a traditional MAM student should apply to the MAM program, MAM Two-Year track. University of Bologna students interested in studying for one semester in Pittsburgh, please Click Here for more information.

Students must successfully complete their first three semesters of study in the MAM program to be eligible to continue in the dual degree program in Bologna. Details regarding the application process can be found here:

Additional questions specific to the GIOCA degree program and the University of Bologna can be found here:

Any additional questions can be directed to:

Kathryn Heidemann
Director, Master of Arts Management Program
Telephone: 412.268.8930

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with Kathryn, or speak with her on the telephone about the MAM Program, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Cunningham, at 412.268.6706 or Mr. Cunningham will schedule a time convenient for all involved.

Students who are not US citizens, please note:
The MAM-GIOCA dual degree does require an internship as part of the degree. However, international students in the MAM-GIOCA dual degree program are not eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through Carnegie Mellon University. In addition, the MAM-GIOCA dual degree does not qualify international students for Optional Practical Training (OPT). International students will be responsible for acquiring visas to work (paid or unpaid) for their internships through the University of Bologna.