MAM 25th Anniversary


Happy 25th Anniversary! This academic year, Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College and College of Fine Arts Master of Arts Management program celebrates 25 years of educating innovative arts managers. To celebrate, the MAM program is organizing a variety of events and initiatives for MAM alums from the 1980s through the present to commemorate this quarter-century occasion.

Events and Initiatives at a glance include:

• Symposium on Arts Management and Innovation & 25th Anniversary Celebration
• Americans for the Arts Convention Events
• Regional Chapter Events and Network Nights

The Symposium on Arts Management and Innovation

October 6, 2012 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Saturday, October 6, 2012 will kick off the year-long 25th Anniversary Celebration with the Symposium on Arts Management and Innovation. This one-day event will take place during CMU’s annual Ceilidh Homecoming Weekend and will offer a series of interactive lectures and workshops focused on examining the ways that innovative arts management techniques improve the cultural landscape for artists, performers, communities, and audiences.  

Keynote Lunch Lecture by Doug McLennan, editor of ArtsJournal


The Excellence Problem
Engaging with Innovation

Every arts organization in America is talking about engagement and excellence. The old definition of audience engagement? You make something and I respond. But social networking has changed expectations. Our attention is currency, worth more the more we share. Sharing and interaction are now an essential part of the cultural experience for many people, part of the very definition of excellence. Sharing means we’ve decided to invest in what we find meaningful. So: the value of new-definition engagement is not so much to get feedback as it is the ability to tap into the creative energy of a community. For all the talk about inclusiveness and outreach, the arts are actually behind businesses in innovating around engagement. American business has discovered that customers/community aren’t just a market, they can help do things a company can’t do on its own.

Douglas McLennan is the founder and editor of ArtsJournal, the leading arts news aggregator on the internet. The site is also home to some 67 prominent arts bloggers. McLennan is a journalist, critic, and consultant, and a frequent speaker and writer about arts, culture and technology.



The MAM 25th Anniversary Celebration Cruise
October 6, 2012 8:30pm - 11:00pm

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Join 25 years of MAM alumni, current MAMs, and CMU staff & faculty aboard the S.S. SuperMAM (AKA Gateway Clipper) to celebrate with light bites, refreshments, music, and dancing as we cruise along the three rivers.