Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management

The Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management at Heinz College trains students to do cutting edge scientific research on real world problems in public policy and management in an increasingly complex, multifaceted world. Our students are trained in multiple disciplinary perspectives, advanced theoretical models, and frontier methodological and computer-based tools. This provides Heinz students with an advanced “researcher’s toolkit" with which to rigorously address fundamental problems in public policy and management.

We have a world class faculty working on variety of importanteconomics/policy issues.

Research Areas

While the focus of our doctoral program is broad, some key areas of strength are:

Crime and Drug Policy: Analyzing and designing practical crime and drug policies is highly challenging. Many of our faculty have been working with sophisticated statistical and policy tools to understand the impact of various state and federal policies on crime rate and drug sale. The research then leads to recommendations on how the policies should be designed and updated. Many of our faculty is widely acclaimed for their work in this domain and have won top academic honors and have influenced policy in this space. Key faculty members are: Al Blumstein, Jon Caulkins, Wil Gorr, Amelian Haviland, and Daniel Nagin.

Energy and Environmental Policy: The functioning of energy markets and the consequences of environmental regulations have been widely debated in many countries around the world. Our faculty has been actively working on issues related to innovation in the energy sector, impact of energy infrastructure and energy production on local development and pollution, effects of air and water pollution on health outcomes, and costs and benefits of environmental regulations. Key faculty members are: Lee Branstetter, Karen Clay, Akshaya Jha, and Edson Severnini. CMU Scott Institute for Energy Innovation also has a number of faculty working on a broad array of topics in energy and the environment.

Health Policy: Importance of healthcare policy cannot be overstated. Many faculty members are working on important role of competition, technology, regulations that affect the cost and quality of health delivery. Many of our faculty is widely recognized for their work both academically and in influencing policy making. Some key faculty are Martin Gaynor, Amelia Haviland, Seth Richards-Shubik, Lowell Taylor, and Rema Padman.

Management Science: We have strong group of faculty interested in Management Science who use optimization/OR techniques to solve public policy problems. In particular faculty like Al Blumstein, Jon Caulkins, Robert Hampshire, and Ramayya Krishnan use these technique for problems related to urban planning and transportation research, policy analysis, data mining and so on.

Organization Behavior and Management: Understanding the role of social networks within organizations, role of teams and evidence based analysis is a key focus of this group. We have experts on network based analysis who examine how influence diffuses. David Choi, David Krackhardt and Seth Richards-Shubik are some of the key faculty with sociology, economics and statistical focus to examine these issues. Denise Rousseau is a leading expert on evidence based management within organizations.

We also offer joint programs with other schools on the campus that allows our students to focus on various other policy/management issues. Visit the joint degree page for more information.

Program Contact Information

Rahul Telang, Director

For information about applying to Heinz College, please contact Heinz College Admissions.