MEIM Admissions Requirements


The MEIM program is looking for dynamic, motivated critical thinkers who are drawn to the ever-changing entertainment field. The MEIM program seeks leaders who want to hone their strategic and entrepreneurial skills, and build a strong business foundation to help realize their career goals in the entertainment industry.

MEIM applicants should be interested in how screen-based entertainment is produced, developed, packaged, financed, marketed and distributed. However, MEIM students come from a wide variety of undergraduate backgrounds. While the program welcomes graduates of film, TV and communications programs, students have come to the MEIM program with liberal arts degrees in literature, sociology or history. Business, social science, marketing degrees, fine arts, theater, or even music programs are great preparations for a MEIM degree. In short, because the entertainment industry draws on so many different disciplines, the MEIM program believes in assembling a student body with diverse and synergistic backgrounds.

The MEIM program also welcomes individuals who have completed their Bachelor’s degree and spent the past few years pursuing their careers – either in entertainment, or in other fields. Having some professional experience under one’s belt can provide an added level of focus, and such students also do well in the program.

For more information on the MEIM student body, including demographics and test scores, view the class profile.

Because of the quantitative nature of Heinz College graduate programs, the faculty requires that all incoming students have a solid quantitative foundation prior to enrollment at Heinz. Since successful applicants come from diverse academic backgrounds, the College offers the Quantitative Skills Summer Program (QSSP) to prepare incoming students who did not previously complete college-level courses like advanced algebra, pre-calculus and statistics.
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The Admissions department invites all interested candidates to contact the college directly with any questions about qualifications, eligibility or any other topic or concern. Admissions’ representatives will work closely to help MEIM candidates successfully complete an application to the Program.

Admission Process and Required Application Materials-MEIM Program