MMM Faculty & Adjuncts

Our faculty members have established worldwide reputations for excellence in areas such as healthcare policy and management, information security policy, information systems management, and economics. Unlike many graduate schools, we are not organized along academic departments, which allows faculty to easily collaborate in instruction and research.

CMU MMM Faculty

Linda C. Babcock

Jonathan P. Caulkins

David Krackhardt

Kristen S. Kurland

David Lassman

Ari Lightman

Denise M. Rousseau

Laura W. Synnott

Lowell J. Taylor

Tim Zak


MMM Adjuncts

James Benté

Eric Berkowitz

Jody Cervenak

David J. Dausey

Steve Davis

Margaret P. Falbo

Jerome Granato

Irene McFadden

Craig Trout

Phil Zarone