MPM Curriculum

Our visionary faculty assembled a creative and market-responsive curriculum to leverage the work experience you bring to the classroom. The curriculum broadens your understanding of social, political, technological and economic processes as well as paradigms of organizational and human behavior.

The curriculum is predicated on these principles:

  • Learning is best accomplished through a professional, problem-solving approach, combining theory with practical tools and real-world contexts.
  • The experiences of working adults are a valuable asset that should be drawn upon in the classroom.
  • Linkages between the public and private sectors are increasingly important, and the managerial needs of the two sectors are increasingly similar.
  • Working professionals require flexible programs of study that meet their individual needs and provide skills that are applicable not only today, but well into the future.

Our core courses emphasize analytic and quantitative tools, communication and management skills. Because of the flexibility of the program, you can choose electives that interest you and allow you to focus on specific topics in depth.