MSPPM Admissions Requirements


A Heinz College education will focus your passion and idealism through the MSPPM program's multidisciplinary curriculum. The MSPPM, ranked among the nation's elite graduate degree programs, builds a foundation in strong management, technology and problem-solving skills. With each entering class, we seek to create a diverse community of students who are committed to working for the public interest. MSPPM students have no singular profile: they have a variety of undergraduate majors, unique strengths, and differing amounts and types of work experience. Together, we represent a lively population preparing to solve the problems facing our nations.

For more information on our student body, including demographics and test scores, view the class profile.

Because of the quantitative nature our graduate programs, the faculty requires that all incoming students have a solid quantitative foundation prior to enrollment at Heinz College. Since our successful applicants come from diverse academic backgrounds, we offer the Quantitative Skills Summer Program (QSSP) to prepare our incoming students who did not previously complete college-level courses like advanced algebra, pre-calculus and statistics. Do you meet the prerequisites for admission?  Click here for more information.  

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must submit an online application form, along with the required application materials. Before you begin your online application, please carefully review the information below regarding the various tracks in the MSPPM program.

Which version of MSPPM is best for you?

Two-Year Track (both years in Pittsburgh)

Our traditional track is designed for applicants who will have less than three years of professional work experience at the start of the program. Students with less than three years of work experience at the start of the program perform a summer internship around the country and around the world and complete the program in 21 months. Over 60% of our enrolling students in the two-year track have relevant work experience. MSPPM Application Requirements

Three-Semester Track (16 months in Pittsburgh)

The fast-paced 16-month track (August through the following December) is for students with over three years or who meet certain criteria prior to the start of the program. 100% of our admitted students to the three-semester track have relevant work experience.  In order to be considered for the 3-semester MSPPM, applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria prior to enrolling in the program: completed 3 years of full-time, relevant work experience; completed Peace Corps or Teach for America term of service, Coro Fellowship, Congressional Hunger Senter's Fellowship or the Executive Ally program through Public Allies Pittsburgh; attained the rank of Captain in the Army, Marines or Air Force or Lieutenant in the Navy or Coast Guard. MSPPM Application Requirements

Washington, D.C. Track (1st year in Pittsburgh, 2nd year in D.C.)

This two-year option to work and study in the nation’s capital is unique in its design among top policy schools. There is no prior work experience required to be eligible for admission, but at least half of the DC track students have some prior work experience before coming to Heinz. Students complete their core courses during their first year in Pittsburgh and complete a summer internship anywhere in the world. The second year of the program will take place in Washington, D.C. where students work four days per week in a nearly full-time apprenticeship and take classes two nights per week and on Fridays. This integration of skill building with hands-on application, real-world experience and networking opportunities enables students to get quickly launched into a career in domestic or international policy in DC. Applicants to the DC Track who are not offered admission to the DC Track will automatically be considered for admission to the Two-year Track by the admission committee. MSPPM Application Requirements

Data Analytics Track

The MSPPM program's Data Analytics track provides the skills you need to turn raw data into solutions for the most complex public issues. Through MSPPM-Data Analytics, Heinz College will expand upon your quantitative and analytic capabilities to provide you with a state-of-art analytics education. In addition, you will attain knowledge and skills in the fields of professional policy and management, preparing you to transform data into insightful information for use in public policy and management decision-making. MSPPM Application Requirements

MSPPM Global Track (1st year in Adelaide, South Australia, 2nd year in Pittsburgh)

Our two-year option providing students with a truly global perspective in their graduate education is the only one of its kind. Heinz College has a campus in Australia (Adelaide, SA). The curriculum and quality of instruction at all Heinz College locations reflects the high standards for which Carnegie Mellon University is known. The Global MSPPM track allows our students to leverage the strengths and benefits of both campuses. There is no work experience required to be eligible for admission to the Global Track. This four semester program allows students to access multiple job markets, including the United States, and gain an international perspective in their education.   MSPPM Application Requirements


Exchange Program Applicants:

Information for students who wish to apply to enroll in the MSPPM program as an exchange student abroad:
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