MSPPM with Delft University - The Netherlands

This exchange opportunity is available through our partner, Delft University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Delft - TU Delft), Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM), in the Netherlands. This partnership allows students from each institution to study at the other school for one semester.


The following guidelines apply to all exchange students:

  1. Participating exchange students shall undertake coursework in public policy and management at the host institution, developed in consultation between the home institution and the host institution, as full time, non-degree status students at the graduate level.
  2. Carnegie Mellon’s programs are taught in English. TU Delft students who wish to study at Carnegie Mellon must have fluency as evidenced by TOEFL scores. TUDelft’s are partly taught in English. Carnegie Mellon students studying at TUDelft will be able to take classes in English.
  3. Any academic credit earned at the host institution may be transferred back to the home institution in accordance with procedures determined by the latter.
  4. Upon completion of the year or semester at the host institution, all exchange students must return to the home institution unless an extension of stay has been approved by both parties.


Heinz College MSPPM Students


To study in the Netherlands: MSPPM students (4-semester/21-month track with all study in Pittsburgh) have the opportunity to study at TU Delft during the fall of their second year. You can continue your work toward your MSPPM degree while augmenting your studies with classes and experiences unique to studying abroad.

Interested MSPPM students must be:

  • In good academic standing with Heinz College.
  • Able to complete specific MSPPM requirements in your fourth semester (Advanced Policy, Advanced Methods, Capstone & Systems).
  • Able to complete one full semester at TU Delft (September through January).

Interested students currently studying in the MSPPM program at Heinz are required to submit:

  • Current resume
  • Official transcript
  • Statement about why they want to go and how it will benefit their studies at Heinz and their career goals

Materials should be delivered to the Heinz College’s Director of Admissions. The application deadline for the exchange program is March 15th.

If selected, additional information is required by TU Delft. For more information on TU Delft, please visit the TU Delft Exchange Program website.

Students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents and are otherwise eligible may apply for federal aid for courses that are accepted as credits earned towards their Heinz College degree. A financial aid “Consortium Agreement” must be completed for each individual U.S. student participating in the exchange program.

TU Delft Students

Interested students currently studying at TU Delft should contact the Exchange Program Liaison, Toke Hoek (, for additional information. TU Delft students can apply directly to the exchange program by carefully following the application process for prospective exchange students.

Once admitted, the student must submit the online Admission Offer Response form and a completed I-20 visa application form. Information regarding this process will be provided in the formal, online offer of admission to enroll as an exchange student at Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College).