Data Analytics Track

Better Policy Decisions

The MSPPM program's Data Analytics track provides the skills you need to turn raw data into solutions for the most complex public issues.

Government agencies, large nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and consulting firms all deal with enormous amounts of data in their attempts to provide better transportation networks, national defense programs, cleaner environments, public education policies, international development programs, development of natural resources, and other public goods.

Through MSPPM-Data Analytics, Heinz College will expand upon your quantitative and analytic capabilities to provide you with a state-of-art analytics education. In addition, you will attain knowledge and skills in the fields of professional policy and management, preparing you to transform data into insightful information for use in public policy and management decision-making.

You will be educated in the following disciplines:

  • structuring data-based approaches to complex public issues
  • assembling and processing large data sets to make then ready for use in analysis
  • estimating models that explain behavior of complex social systems to provide the levers for policymaking
  • detecting, predicting, and forecasting important behavioral patterns in massive data sets to aid policy design and resource allocation
  • visualizing and communicating the results of analysis to decision makers, stake holders, and the public.

Heinz College, with its schools of Public Policy & Management and Information Systems & Management, is uniquely positioned to offer professional graduate education in data analytics. Few, if any, public policy or administration programs can provide the breadth and depth of coursework in analytics that Heinz College offers. You will learn about data mining methods, machine learning methods, operations research/management science decision models, data warehousing, geographic information systems, probability and statistics, econometric methods, computer programming and statistical computer package programming, database management systems, data visualization, program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, and more.

We have assembled data analytics faculty who combine deep expertise in advanced analytic techniques and real-world applications. Students gain hands-on experience through coursework and applied research experiences at Heinz College's iLab. At iLab, students work with unique, real-world data sets that describe behaviors of people using mobile devices, social and digital media environments, smart transportation, and health care services. Heinz College has established additional labs with support from industrial partners, such as the Living Analytics Research Center, Metro21, MetroLabNetwork and Traffic21, to provide thought leadership in this important domain.