Next Generation Leaders Conference

Watch promising young leaders deliver their messages to the 45th President through videos they created at Heinz College's Next Generation Leaders Conference 2016.

Put your passion for public service into action. Be a leader that shapes the future of public policy.

As a Public Service Weekend participant, you will have the opportunity to learn about public policy and international affairs from accomplished practitioners and collaborate with fellow students from diverse backgrounds to develop policy-driven solutions to some of society's greatest challenges. Last year, 65 students from more than 50 colleges around the world participated in the program.

This Year's Theme: Technology and Societal Change—What Leaders of Tomorrow Need to Know Today

Technological innovations are transforming our communities fast - bringing promise to some but leaving too many far behind. Leaders of tomorrow will need to help shape solutions to policy questions like:

  • Can algorithms discriminate?
  • How can technology be used to close the educational achievement gaps?
  • What will the workforce look like in the age of automation?
  • How can technology be used to make cities smarter?

Agenda and Speaker Bios

Details will be posted soon – please check back.