Student Activities

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a team of Heinz College students that work together to plan and orchestrate various social activities that meet the needs and desires of the diverse population of graduate students at the Heinz College. The SAC is responsible for liaising with the Heinz College student clubs and organizations, and other university departments to build cross-departmental social and event collaboration. The activities planned primarily fall under 5 areas: community service, TGIF “happy hours,” cultural activities, special events, and sports.

The members of the 2013-2014 SAC are:

  • Committee Coordinator: Emily Sale
  • Marketing/Social Media: Zachary Best
  • Arts/Culture Coordinator: Katherine Schouten
  • Special Events/Sports: Prashant Jattepalli
  • TGIF Coordinator: Liz Adams
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Aurelia Henderson
  • Diversity Coordinator:  Rahul Dudheria Vijay Singh
  • Composting Coordinator:  Rebecca Kiernan

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