Room Reservations

All Heinz College room reservation requests are managed through the Carnegie Mellon University SpaceQuest website. Please read the Room Reservation Policy below before requesting a room.

Room Reservation Policy and Procedure

The Heinz College reservation system is managed via the SpaceQuest website. All room reservation requests will be initiated and managed through SpaceQuest. Heinz College staff are responsible for making reservation decisions and maintain control of Heinz College controlled rooms.

Heinz College rooms are available by reservation for Heinz College faculty, staff, students and designated affiliates. Heinz College classes and labs are still scheduled through Heinz Academic Services.

The Heinz College reserves the rights to change, alter, or cancel a room reservation at its discretion and with appropriate notice when possible.


  • Please submit room reservation requests at least 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Confirmation for Heinz rooms may take up to 24-48 hours. Confirmations are only sent Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm.
  • Your request is verified when you receive a room confirmation email from the Heinz College.
  • Rooms can only be requested for the current semester. Requests for dates in future semesters will be placed on hold, pending final classroom schedule.
  • Student room requests can be made no more than 30-days out from the date of submittal.
  • The interview rooms (A007 A-J) are controlled by Career Services. Their primary purpose is for employer interviews. If available, students may reserve them, but no more than 15 days prior to the date of room request submittal.
  • Student room requests may be no longer than 90 minutes.
  • Rooms must be reserved on the hour or half hour.
  • Example: Start time: 4:00p or 4:30p, NOT 4:15
  • Example: End time: 6:30p or 7:00p, NOT 6:45
  • Reservations are held for the first 15 minutes of an event. After which, empty rooms become available for use.
  • Only make one request for your event. Users that make multiple room requests for the same event may risk long delays. If a user requires multiple rooms for an event, coordinate with before you start the requests.
  • If you rearrange a room please return it to its original configuration so that the room will be ready for its next usage.
  • If your group is reserving a table in the foyer, please make sure your area is cleaned up following the event otherwise it may prevent you from reserving an event in the future.
  • Dispose of all signs, papers, and waste from your event. If refreshments have been served, you MUST clean up the room before you leave. Please encourage people to recycle. Failure to do so may preclude you from reserving Heinz rooms in the future.
  • If serving food to a group please contact Heinz Facilities Management at 412 268-4739 or prior to your event to set up trash and recycling receptacles.
  • Repeated reservation of space left unused and not cancelled, may result in the suspension of your ability to request space.
  • All requests are monitored. Excessive use of space by an individual or group may be questioned for justification.
  • There may be fees associated with some services and resources requested by the user. All fees will be stated before the room confirmation is made.
  • If your reservation is for a Saturday or Sunday, we suggest arriving 20 minutes before your event to ensure the classroom is unlocked. If the room is inadvertently locked, contact Security at 412-268-2323 to open the room.
  • Any questions and comments regarding rooms can be sent to
  • If you are looking to submit a request for a Registrar controlled room, please contact

Request a Room

To make a reservation request, follow these instructions or you will not be routed to the proper schedulers and your request may be delayed:

  1. Read the Heinz College Room Reservation Policy and Procedure. (If you do not read this, do not get upset when we deny your room request!)
  2. Go to the Carnegie Mellon University SpaceQuest website.
  3. Click the Create an Event button on the front page.
  4. Event Name: Please be as descriptive as possible.
    • Example Staff Request: Information Session / John Doe
    • Example Student Request: 95-722 / Digital Transformation / Group Meeting
  5. Event Type: Pick an event type that starts with “Heinz”.
  6. Department or Organization: Search by “Heinz” then pick the Heinz name that fits your request.
  7. Date and Time: Enter the date and time for the request. (Time must be on the hour or half hour)
  8. Space: To quickly find Hamburg Hall rooms, search "HBH". Select the room for your request.
    • To expedite the process, please check the "Hide Unavailable" field to see only the rooms that you are able to request for your event given the date(s) and time(s).
    • Please see the "Features" list in the selected room and verify that it meets the room specifications for your event.
  9. Expected Head Count: Please enter the expected number of attendance.
  10. Agreement: Acknowledge the agreement.
  11. State: Review your request then click the Finish button.


Cancel a Reservation

To cancel a reservation, please locate the original room confirmation e-mail and reply back to: Add, “Cancel” in the subject line of the email so we can quickly identify it.



  • Class schedules take priority over all other types of reservation requests.
  • Student Study is permitted in classrooms after class schedules are completed for the day. To unlock rooms on the weekend, please call security at 412-268-2323.

Teaching Lab
Hamburg Hall 2009 is a tiered classroom with desktop PCs at each seat. This room may be used as a regular classroom or for computer labs. Please confirm software requirements with Heinz Computing Service six weeks prior to the start of the semester. Course reservation requests for computing labs will have priority over courses reserving regular classes regardless of request order.

Carnegie Mellon University SpaceQuest -

Hamburg Hall floor plan - A level

Hamburg Hall floor plan - floor 1

Hamburg Hall floor plan - floor 2

Hamburg Hall floor plan - floor 3