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Module 5: Professionalism and Ethical Job Search

The most effective tool for any job seeker is their professional mentality. We define professional mentality as your behavior towards your field of study both on and off campus. This demands that you become immersed in your field, conduct yourself appropriately both online and offline, and consistently work towards building and maintaining your career-related networks.

Maintaining a professional mentality can be difficult, especially if it interrupts your work-life balance. Just remember we are not talking about going home and spending hours each day researching your field. We are talking about taking an active interest in your field by staying up-to-date with current events, maintaining your online accounts, and taking the appropriate time to prepare for professional interactions.

In addition to maintaining a professional mentality, it is also important to conduct an ethical job/internship search. As you read through this module, you will gain an understanding of Carnegie Mellon University's guideline's for conducting an ethical job search as well as the consequences of not following these rules.

Once you finish reading all of the sections in module 5, please complete the module 5 quiz at the end of the page. This is the last module of Career Academy! Once you have completed all five Career Academy modules, you will be eligible to receive your FREE Heinz College backpack.

Section 1: Professional Etiquette

Basic etiquette can often make or break your first impression and as a result, may prevent you from landing that new internship/job. When it comes to interviews and first impressions, you want to put your best foot forward, and in order to do so you have to be well-versed in professional etiquette. Luckily, this is pretty easy! Just remember to use your manners, avoid using slang, and maintain a professional demeanor. If you are interviewing for a position in a foreign country, we recommend that you check out GoinGlobal for common interview practices in that specific country.

Section 2: Professional Communication and Keeping Up to Date

Section 3: Professionalism in the World of Social Media

In essence, the job/internship seeking process is nothing more than selling yourself to a potential employer. In this day and age, job seekers must not only be conscious of how they present themselves during the interview process, but also how they present themselves in public, online domains. It is important that whatever online presence you may have, that it is as accurate and positive as possible.

According to Career Builder, in 2016 data showed that 60 percent of employers are using social media to research potential candidates, and 56 percent are using search engines to look up background information.

Link to the Career Builder article

Section 4: Ethical Job/Internship Search

Quiz: Module 5

Congratulations! You've reached the end of module 5. This is the last module of Career Academy. After you complete the quiz below, you will be eligible to receive your FREE Heinz College backpack.

Module 5 Quiz:

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